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Got Belly Fat? Beat The Risk!

Written by support on February 24, 2009 – 5:49 pm -

The Surprisingly High Risk of Belly Fat

by Dr. Dana Myatt

Ever see a man or woman with normal-sized legs and lower body but with a belly that sticks out like they’re nine months pregnant with triplets? I call this a "carbo belly" (some call it a beer belly; beer-loving Nurse Mark calls it a "Miller Muscle" for one brand of beer that can contribute to it), and it is the type of fat distribution that puts a person at MUCH higher risk for heart disease. It is even possible to be a normal weight for one’s height yet still have a waist diameter that increases heart-risk. In fact, how much belly fat you carry is more important than how fat you are overall.

In a study done at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, researchers measured and followed the abdominal diameter of 101,765 men and women for nearly 12 years. Their study found that men with the biggest bellies had 42 percent higher rates of heart disease than men with smaller waist diameters. Women with the biggest bellies were at 44 percent higher risk. This risk was seen even in normal weight subjects with big bellies.
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