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A Reader Thanks Us For The GERD Article

Written by Wellness Club on March 6, 2009 – 9:56 pm -

It is always a pleasure to know that our HealthBeat News articles are making a positive difference in people’s lives. We often get small notes of thanks, but this one was extra special - for it came in the form of an email conversation between a long-standing patient of Dr. Myatt’s and her sister which that sister included in her note of thanks to Dr. Myatt.

First Kathy forwarded our HealthBeat News article "What’s Burning You?" to Chris.

Chris then answered Kathy as follows:

From: Chris
To: Kathy
Subject: RE: GERD is NOT Caused By Excess Stomach Acid
Kathy – thanks for forwarding the article on GERD.  I have ordered the test and look forward to taking it.  I have always had real doubts about the benefits vs. unknown side effects of taking my nightly Pepcid AC and other ad hoc antacids. Dana’s article is eye opening.   I was aware of the impact on Calcium absorption and have wondered what else was being blocked that negatively impacts my natural ability to fight off “bad stuff.”   It’s true – my PCP at that time ran no test, they just listened to the symptoms and called it GERD.

Chris then emailed Dr. Myatt with this brief but welcome note:

Hi Dr. Dana
Great article on GERD.  I look forward to taking the test that I have ordered and learning the results!  Thank you for explaining this so clearly.

Well, Chris should have her Gastric Acid Function Self-Test by now, and I’m betting that she is just as surprised and pleased as most people are when they discover the cause for their years of digestive discomfort and discover just how simple, effective, and natural the solution - dare we say "cure" - is!

Chris, from both Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark, you are as welcome as flowers in the spring!

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