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More Dental Questions - Is Careless Amalgam Removal Dangerous?

Written by support on October 2, 2008 – 2:42 pm -

Georgia wrote to ask: What are the possible problems associated with careless removal of mercury from teeth in the conventional manner?

Much of the answer has been covered previously in our HealthBeat News articles and on the Dental Health pages of our website, so the answer here is brief:

Neurological toxicity from increased mercury burden, and altered mouth-currents with possible increase in neurological and cardiac activity (causing things like seizures in susceptible individuals, or altered heart rhythm).

Mercury amalgam removal can be a health-saving procedure, but like anything, it must be done right - this is no place for amateurs! More information from an holistic dentist whom we have come to trust and work with frequently in amalgam removal cases can be found here: Amalgam Removal

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